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VIDEO: I'll Stand By You

Fandom: Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin - Turbo)
Subject: Tommy/Kat
Song: I'll Stand By You by Carrie Underwood
Summary: No matter what Tommy goes through, he doesn't have to go through it alone.

Take me in into your darkest hour, and I'll never desert you...Collapse )

VIDEO: Woman Down

Fandom: Power Rangers (Zeo - Samurai)
Subject: Various
Song: Woman Down by Alanis Morissette
Summary: No matter how far we come as a society, misogyny is still a thing that exists.

Because I wanted to get every season/team in here, there are some ups and downs on the misogyny scale. Although, I tried to not go too far down the scale.
And I tried to blend in Charlie as much as possible (due to being a meta example), so I hope it comes across fine.

Note: I finished this Sunday night, and wasn't originally going to post it, due to the subject matter being so serious. (Or at least not right away because of the hurricane.) But then I decided that this needs to be out there because, while some misogyny on the show is put in it's place, others are not. *coughSPDcough*

She's a girl!Collapse )

VIDEO: Come Along, Pond

Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: The Doctor & The Ponds
Song: Come Along by Thousand Foot Krutch
Summary: "...until I see you blink." A look at the Ponds, from beginning to end.

Come along now, grab my hand I'll show you how...Collapse )

VIDEO: Ghost

Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Ten/Companions
Song: Ghost by Fefe Dobson
Summary: Rose was a ghost inside The Doctor's head, while Martha and Donna were the third wheel.

Now I know why you're never there, now I know so it's my turn to disappear...Collapse )

VIDEO: Beautiful Lie

Fandom: Dollhouse
Subject: Echo
Song: Beautiful Lie by Esthero
Summary: "It was all just a beautiful lie."

Two vidlets in two days? Am I in a parallel universe or something?
I know this is even shorter than the last one, but it's actually all I ever planned to do of the song. And my brain was kicking me so hard to make the thing last night, so I did. I just didn't expect it to be THAT short.

It was all just a beautiful lie...Collapse )

VIDEO: Push Rewind

Fandom: Power Rangers (MMPR - Turbo; Dino Thunder)
Subject: Tommy/Kat
Song: Remember When (Push Rewind) by Chris Wallace
Summary: Tommy just wants to remember the good times.

I downloaded the iTunes free single of the week yesterday, and from the preview alone, I knew I had to vid it somehow. Then last night, my mind was just like, "Vidlet. Now!"
And yeah, I could have probably done the full song about Tommy angsting over "the letter," but I've already done that so many times now.

When we were flying so high, yeah partners in crime...Collapse )

VIDEO: Cupid's Got a Shotgun

Fandom: Power Rangers (Various)
Subject: Shipping
Song: Cupid's Got a Shotgun by Carrie Underwood
Summary: Cupid, just stay away before you get blown up. Please.

Cupid's got a shotgun, but right now he's running from me...Collapse )

VIDEO: Comeback

Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Rose/The Doctor
Song: Comeback by Ashlyne Huff
Summary: Rose Tyler will not give up her doctor for anything. Daleks, Cybermen and parallel worlds be damned.

Another Doctor Who vid from me? And with my quickest completion time in ages? I'd better watch out before I turn into a Whovian.

We've been through ups and downs and outs, and now we're bulletproof...Collapse )

VIDEO: Puppet

Fandom: Power Rangers (Various)
Subject: Various
Song: Puppet by Thousand Foot Krutch
Summary: Puppet (n) Somebody who can be manipulated: a person, government, or organization whose actions are controlled by others
Any villain can turn the good guys evil. But it takes a real mastermind to manipulate them into doing your dirty work.

This was not the video that I planned to finish next, but I promised myself that I would vid this song. I'm not fangirling over my work this time, but it's four days well spent.

You're evil as long as I say you are!Collapse )

VIDEO: You Ain't Woman Enough

Fandom: Power Rangers (Mighty Morphin - Turbo)
Subject: Jason/Tommy (Tommy/Kim & Tommy/Kat)
Song: You Ain't Woman Enough by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Summary: Watch out girls! Tommy belongs to Jason.

Since I've mostly just been starting stuff without finishing them so far this year, I took a peek at all of my unfinished projects, noticing that this was close to completion. (And a year old!) And, since there can never be enough Jason/Tommy vids, I slapped the last few seconds into the timeline and called it done.

He took a second look at you, but he's in love with me...Collapse )


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